Imagine you work at a hospital and you are responsible for the health and well being of thousands of patients a year. That’s not such a stretch. Many of us listening to this podcast are in this situation. You are in charge of the information systems at the hospital and all the data is your responsibility, whether clinical or operational. And you’re responsible for maintaining the privacy and security of that data. Let’s add a little pressure: imagine your hospital is attacked by hacktivist group with a political agenda—and, it’s a children’s hospital. What would you do?

Welcome to Code Red, HIMSS’ cybersecurity focused podcast. In this episode, we hear from Daniel Nigrin, MD, MS, Sr. Vice President and CIO at Boston Children’s Hospital. Dan shares his story of how Boston Children’s handled and survived an attack by the hacktivist group, Anonymous.
This Episode’s Guest

Daniel Nigrin, MD, MS
Sr. Vice President/CIO
Boston Children’s Hospital

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