There’s a shortage of people qualified to work in cybersecurity, and we need to do something about that. But what is that “something?” Let’s be honest here, we’re not going to change that situation overnight. It takes years to acquire the kind of skills needed to pursue the education, experience and credentials required. But what can we do in the meantime? We’ve said it before on Code Red: we’re all involved in security, to one degree or another. What can we do to effectively raise awareness and change behavior?

This episode’s guest offers some insights. While at the HIMSS annual conference in Orlando, Code Red sat down to discuss these and other issues with Servio Medina, CISSP, Chief Operating Officer of the Cybersecurity Policy Branch at the US Defense Health Agency. Servio sees opportunities in changing the way we think about educating each other in this field, and discusses burnout, math, lifestyles and other topics, and how they relate to cyber-education. After listening to this episode, the phrase “It makes sense to me” will take on a whole new dimension.

This Episode’s Guest

Servio Medina, CISSP
Cheif Operating Officer, Cybersecurity Policy Branch
US Defense Health Agency
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This Episode’s Audience Ask

How does your organization “make sense” of an enterprise-wide approach to cybersecurity?  How has your organizational culture around cybersecurity changed over the past few years?  Any lessons to share with others? Send us a voice memo from your smart phone with your thoughts. You can send them to and we will play them on the air at the end of our next episode.