LinkedIn has joined a team of stakeholders in Northeast Ohio — BioEnterprise, the city of Cleveland, Cleveland State University and Cuyahoga County — to provide data, analysis and market research on talent for health IT positions in the region.

The analysis, which is supported by the Cleveland Foundation, will study computer science positions, such as software developers, data scientists and data analysts, and ultimately help inform policy, educational curriculum, talent alignment strategies, community programming and more, according to a news release.

“One of the critical limiting factors to growth in Northeast Ohio’s bioscience industry today is the availability of health IT talent,” Aram Nerpouni, president and CEO of biomedical business accelerator BioEnterprise, said in a prepared statement. “Thriving health IT companies are hindered by the dearth of software developers and data scientists. The LinkedIn project should provide meaningful data and analysis to inform how we address this challenge.”

The goal is to offer insights into the education and experience of those employed in the sector, pathways for securing regional health IT positions and institutions where the local sector attracts qualified talent, according to the release. The effort is part of “HIT in the CLE,” an initiative that BioEnterprise launched in 2015 with the support of the Cleveland Foundation to address the region’s talent gap in computer and data science, and to grow and diversify the region’s health IT talent pipeline, according to the release.

In the last year, HIT in the CLE provided about 9,500 additional high school students access to computer science curriculum, connected more than 100 undergraduate and community college computer science undergraduate students to industry players and helped to identify more than 90 high school students as aspiring data scientists.

“We felt it was crucial to partner with BioEnterprise to begin addressing the demand-supply gap in health IT and to deeply engage businesses to expand the talent pipeline,” Shilpa Kedar, Cleveland Foundation program director for economic development, said in a prepared statement. “LinkedIn’s involvement with HIT in the CLE is a tremendous win for the region and we anticipate that this work will prove to be extraordinarily beneficial.”

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