Healthcare IT Jobs 2016 vs. 2015

Although the salaries in the field of Healthcare IT are increasing, this is not occurring as quickly as in numerous other positions in healthcare. According to a survey conducted by Health eCareers, this has had a significant impact on the satisfaction levels. More than 400 professionals in the healthcare IT sectors were polled, and the increase in salary between 2015 and 2016 was only 2.2 percent. Many individuals are concerned with this number since much larger gains were seen in other professions in healthcare. This includes nurse practitioners with a salary increase of 5.3 percent, physician assistants at 4.3 percent, healthcare researchers and academics at 26.6 percent, and allied health professionals at 17.8 percent.

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The Demand

Hospitals and healthcare organizations are currently offering more jobs for professionals in healthcare. The wages for both new hires and current employees continue to increase. This provides excellent opportunities for individuals in the field of healthcare. Almost 90 percent of these workers have stated their pay has either increased when compared to their salaries a year ago, or has remained the same. This leaves the question of what is considered the average salary for a professional in healthcare IT.

The Considerations

There is no doubt professionals in Healthcare IT are now in high demand. Healthcare organizations are concentrating on cutting costs, improving their efficiency, and finding better ways to secure and share their patient’s information. According to the survey, the workers in America’s healthcare IT industry can earn $91,251 per year on average. Of all the healthcare professions, this ranks number five on the list of highest paid healthcare professionals. Healthcare IT professional’s salaries are only topped by nurse practitioners, physician assistants, healthcare executives, and physicians or surgeons.

The Pay Factors

There are many factors that determine the pay of a healthcare IT professional including experience, location, and position. One of the major influences is location, and the wide variation in salaries between the states. An excellent example are the earnings of a healthcare IT professional in California. The average earnings for these individuals is $95,224 per year. The same positions in Texas make almost six percent less. Their average earnings are $89,758 each year.

The Experience Levels

The experience level of a healthcare IT professional has a large impact on their earnings. A new professional is considered an individual with five years or less experience in the industry. Their average earnings are $74,815 each year. Individuals with an experience level of ten years or more earn an average yearly salary of $104,343. There are many individuals who are somewhere in the middle, and their earnings average $98,082 each year.

The Specific Position

The specific position of a Healthcare IT worker greatly influences their pay. The best paid in the field are the executives in Healthcare IT. They earn $127,500 as their median annual salaries. The median annual salary for IT technology managers is $111,500 each year. Individuals in lower positions include healthcare informatics professionals, earning $74,500 per year. The health information technicians are close to the bottom of the scale with reported median salaries of only $50,500 per year.

The Healthcare IT Salaries According to Position

There are numerous positions available in the healthcare IT sector, and they all have varying salaries. This includes:

• Executives at $127,500
• System Analysis at $80,000
• Consultant at $68,750
• IT Technology Management at $111,500
• Health Information Educator at $69,000
• Project Management at $100,000
• Health Information Technician at $50,500
• Data Analysis at $83,000
• Software Development at $85,000
• Systems or Network Engineer at $67,500
• Analyst at $80,000
• Healthcare Informatics at $74,500

The Dissatisfaction with Healthcare IT Salary Dips

Most professionals in the healthcare IT field are earning more than they did in 2015. Despite this fact, many of these individuals are not as satisfied with their current salaries as they were just a year ago. Only 51 percent of these individuals stated they were satisfied, and this represents a drop of four percent from 2015. Of the individuals who stated they were no longer satisfied with their salaries, there were many common reasons. This included their salaries being lower than the average paid in their area for similar positions, and they felt their level of experience was not reflected in their salaries.

Healthcare Concerns for Next Year

There are a lot of concerns regarding healthcare for the upcoming year. The top of the list is either no increase in salary, or a low salary from 32 percent of the individuals in the field. Another issue of high concern to the workers is the ability to locate a new position appropriate to their skill level. This concern represents 29 percent of the healthcare IT professionals. The same concern only applies to eleven percent of physician assistants, and nineteen percent of nurses. Other concerns ranking high on the list included the morale of the staff and the stability of the company.

The High Confidence Regarding Job Searches

The good news is there is a high demand for professionals in the healthcare IT industry. Approximately 89 percent of the workers have confidence they can easily locate a desirable position if they choose to leave their current employment situation. Most workers are not planning to immediately leave their positions. Only ten percent are so unhappy with their current positions they plan to immediately make a change. The number of workers currently happy with their positions is 59 percent.