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Big Data Helps Drive Healthcare Acquisitions in Nashville

A recent poll has revealed novel uses for Big Data and technology innovations may play a driving force in recent healthcare mergers and acquisitions in the Nashville, Tennessee area. The LBMC business consulting firm recently surveyed 300 executives from a variety of industries. The company discovered 58% of the respondents view high tech as a leading solution to healthcare business problems. The consulting firm’s head of Health Care Transaction Advisory Services, Lisa Nix, believes novel uses for Big Data largely account for this perspective. She noted the cost of utilizing real-time information streams has fallen significantly during recent years.

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Telemedicine Offers a Viable Healthcare Solution in Rural India 

An interesting international healthcare technology news item attracted attention this week. Reportedly, the delivery of healthcare services in many parts of India has improved recently thanks to the adoption of telemedicine and the increasing use of digital medical devices. While these trends have not yet eliminated disparities in care between urban and rural areas, advances in technology now allow improved health care access for people in remote locations. Currently, over 70% of India’s population resides in rural settings. As the nation with the second largest population on Earth, India faces enormous healthcare delivery challenges. A majority of the nation does not possess healthcare insurance and cannot afford treatment at private health care facilities. However, the development of government hospitals with access to telemedicine resources promises to bring better care to millions of rural residents in the near future.

Mobile Technology Devices in Healthcare Settings Require Disinfection 

An article posted on the ICT ( website reports poll data suggesting many health care facilities fail to require personnel to clean and disinfect mobile communications technology on a regular basis. Concern exists cell phones, tablets, and other electronic gadgets sometimes serve as vehicles for cross-contamination between patients in medical care settings. Senior Project Engineer Amanda Sivek urged facilities to allocate sufficient time for nursing assistants to clean mobile devices in patient rooms during their visits.

An Effort to Increase The Number of Women Entering The Health IT Field 

Recently, a group of investors in the Daring Circle contributed to healthcare technology news headlines by raising funding to encourage more women to enter the Information Technology Health field. The alliance identified six factors limiting female parity in terms of access to health care services. These include a lack of means to pay for care, a lack of access to care, and obstacles preventing access to mental health care. The funders reportedly provided an unspecified amount to encourage female entrepreneurs to contribute to the IT health field. Members of the Daring Circle include Google, Sanofi, the Vaccine Alliance, RB, Gavi, BNP Paribas, and AXA. Applicants must apply by February 15, 2019.

Kali Durgampudi Named as New Greenway Health CTO 

Based in Tampa, Florida, Greenway Health recently named Kali Durgampudi as its new Chief Technology and Innovation Officer. The recipient of a 2018 Industry Leader Award from the CHIME Foundation, he has served as Vice President at Nuance, a firm involved in the artificial intelligence industry. Mr. Durgampudi’s extensive IT background includes developing electronic medical records and designing systems to manage healthcare information.

Seven Hospital Groups Work to Speed Data Interoperability 

Earlier this week, the American Hospital Association made healthcare technology news headlines. It joined six other hospital organizations in making a public call for speed in obtaining greater medical data interoperability. The group disseminated a report entitled: “Sharing Data, Saving Lives”. This document criticized the slow progress in this field. It noted a number of problems caused by incompatible medical data sharing platforms today: (1) the lack of useful treatment information, (2) high cost, (3) inefficiency, and (4) exposing medical facilities to cybersecurity problems. The lack of uniformity in data transmission across different health care settings has contributed to a “patchwork” of medical records, according to the report. The participating organizations urged vendors to work together to resolve data transmission problems. It praised the efforts of several hospital initiatives focused upon data sharing, including one launched by Nemaha County Hospital in Nebraska.

Arizona’s Governor Calls Upon Healthcare Board Members to Resign 

A shocking failure involving ethics and accurate healthcare information has prompted the Governor of Arizona to demand the resignation of Hacienda Healthcare’s Board of Directors. A disabled patient at a facility maintained by the company reportedly suffered rape while in care. Yet her attendants allegedly did not learn about the incident, or the resulting pregnancy, until she went into labor. The Governor reported on Twitter that the incident “sickened” him. He also criticized the inaction of the Board of Directors and the senior management at the healthcare company for failing to address sexual harassment complaints filed by staff members in the past.